How to assemble your Antique Wardrobe.



Place the base on a level ground. Use a spirit level at this stage to be sure. If you do not place the wardobe on a level surface sometimes you may have difficulty opening and closing the doors of the wardrobe. Also, sometimes carpeted surfaces can effect the level.  Hint - sometimes you only need to insert small wooden stakes to correct uneven surfaces. 


Connect one of the side panels to base. Use the grooves in base as a guide to slide in the side panel. You may also see circular holes on the base - they should be aligned with the wooden joints found at the base of the side panel. You will find a bolt in your accessories bag (along with the keys and hinges) - secure the side panel fully by tightening a bolt as seen in Pic 2 below. 

Building a French antique wardrobe

Pic 1

French Antique Wardrobe London

Pic 2

Assembling a French antique wardrobe

Pic 3

Assembly of French antique wardrob

Pic 4

Once the first side panel is secured, you need to insert the back panels. The back panels come in 2 or 4 sections. Start by inserting the first back panel into the grooves situated on the 'wall end' of the side panel (see pic 1 above). Slot in the first panel.


Then use one of the thicker wooden bars to support the first panel. You will find a larger hole in base into which you vertically insert this wooden bar. Then connect the second back panel (bottom left in pic 3)  into the grooves found on the thick wooden bar. Then place the thicker wooden bar horizontally on top of the two lower back panels. Repeat to insert the top two back panels.


At this point, connect the other side panel and secure it with another bolt (as seen in pic 4 above).

Pic 5

Placing the pediment (pic 5)


Carefully place the pediment on the top, being careful to follow the wooden joints jutting out of the side panels and to place the holes in the pediment over these joints to slot the top section into place. 



Inserting the shelf and hanging rail. (pic 6)


You will find two wooden bars on the inside of the left and right hand side panels. Simply place the shelf carefully on top of the bars. The hanging rail is installed underneath. See pic 6. 



Interior hanging rail of French wardrobe

Pic 6

Hanging the Doors


You will find the door hinges in your accessories bag. Insert the hinge into the hole found in the base as in pic 7. Please note that there is always a hinge connected to the top of the door (pic 8) so you only need to connect the bottom hinges into the base. 

Start hanging the door by slotting the knob on the top into the pediment (pic 8). At the same time, slot the metal hinge now inserted into the base into the groove found at the bottom of the door (pic 9). In some cases it may be best to add an additional screw to secure the door. 


French Shabby Chic Wardrobe London
Position to place door in pediment

Pic 8

French Wardrobe London

Pic 9

Pic 7

Congratulations you have now assembled your French wardrobe. Final touches include the drawers and all your lovely clothes

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